Surrey Reuses
News and Info
Welcome to the Surrey Reuses, a free listing service available to residents where they can create listings for reusable household items that they no longer need, in hopes of finding another individual/organization that could make further use of them.

How to create an account and listing:

1. Register as a member using the Create Account icon at the top of the page. A password will be sent to you by email.

2. Sign in as a registered user.

3. Click the Post Listing icon at the top of the page.

Listing pre-approval:

Due to the increasing volume of memberships and listings being posted on the exchange, we are also experiencing a growing amount of rule-breaking. To maintain the quality of the Surrey Reuses, we have changed our settings to require pre-approval for all listings being posted on the website. This means that any listings that are submitted must first be approved by the Exchange Administrators before they are posted on the website.

Because of this new system, members will have to be aware of three things:

1. To prevent your listings from being removed, please review the rules and ensure that your listing is in accordance with all stipulations prior to submitting them.

2. Please note that while we do review and approve listings on a daily basis, there will be no new listings posted over the weekend when our offices are closed. Please allow ample time for your listings to be reviewed and posted. Listings posted on a Friday may or may not be approved in time for the weekend.

3. We will endeavor to keep inappropriate listings out of the exchange; however we take no responsibility for transactions or quality of goods received. Buyers must do their due diligence prior to entering an exchange with another member.