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Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements:

At least Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape 4
Session Cookies enabled
800x600 resolution

Javascript enabled (for certain functions)
An active valid email address (required to register)

We currently test our sites against Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla-based browsers (for example Firebird) for both the PC and Macintosh computers.


When you visit an i-WasteNot Exchange site, we set a session cookie so that during your visit we know who you are and what you've asked for.

Session cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

Session cookie definition:

If you check the "Remember me" box during your sign-in process, we will set a more persistent cookie which identifies you to the exchange the next time you visit.

Any cookie set by an i-WasteNot Exchange site is there solely for technical purposes.

Please see this site's Privacy and Security Commitment for more information: Privacy Policy

This site's user agreement is here: User Agreement

Other Web Enhancers:

In order to provide broad accessibility, we don't use Java, Flash or other plugins.
We do make very minimal use of javascript to provide navigation tools (for example the "Back" buttons on some pages). These buttons are not necessary to use the exchange, but if javascript is not enabled, users must use their browser back button or the other links on the page to navigate.