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Listing: Tools for Sale


Lots of tools for sale - EACH PRICED SEPERATELY

2. Pro-Pulse 3/8" Electric Variable Speed Drill 120V - 60Hz 4.2A 0-3 000 tr/min - RPM $20.00

3. Caframo "Whisper Quiet" Fan Heater Temperature Control 1500W - 750W Cool Air Fan compact and easily portable by durable thermoplastic folded handles energy saver extremely quiet Internal overheat protection Measurements - L 11 1/4" x W 8" x 5" $45.00

4. Mastercraft Rechargeable 12V Multi-Crafter Contains; Multi-crafter, 12V Li-ion battery, 1 hour LED diagnostic charger, Plunge cutting saw blade - wood, Straight cutting saw blade - wood and metal, Semicircular saw blade - wood and drywall, Scraper blade, Sanding pad, 10 New shaped to conform Sandpaper, 5mm Hex Key, Carrying Case with handles Instruction Manual Never Used - $65.00

5. Strait-Line Intersect Laser Level battery operated Measures; 4" high, 4" long and 3" wide $12.00

6. NEW - Craftsman Wallpaper Stripper Lightweight and easy to use Removes up to 50 square feet of wallpaper on a full tank (15 minutes approx) Detachable water tank is fast and easy to fill Steam is emitted evenly across the base Rectangle base makes it easy to do corners During rest periods can be rested on either side 12 foot cord that can reach ceilings which eliminates hang up's or extension cords On/off switch provides instantaneous steam control Lightweight for easy balance and handling 125 V AC, 60Hz, 1200 Watt comes with concentrated wallpaper remover $35.00

7. "Ideal Tape-Pak" Fish Tape, Steel - 65ft x 1/8 inch with clinch on the end retractable = no winding! - Brass plated fish tape will resist rust and corrosion - If your job has multiple bends, the tape will not kink and is flexible in all directions - Tape hangs straight even after long periods of being coiled up to ensure longevity - 600 pound tensile strength to reduce risk of breakage - Designed for multiple bend applications - Tape winds back easily without kinks or jams - Textured case provides a sure grip during use $35.00

8. Craftsman Electronic 3/8" Variable Speed Reversible Drill 0-1200 RPM TR/Min. Model 315-10300 110-120 Volts Instruction Manual included $15.00

9. Tomecanic - Made in France Tile Cutter Measures 17" x 6.5" $5.00

10. Mastercraft 1/2" Impact Wrench 120V 2100 RPM - tr/min Carrying case included $99.00

11. FlexiSnake - NEW - combo 2 pack Slow drain? - fix it fast.....don't need to take drain apart - just slide in drain opening, twist and pull. $5.00

14. Insta-Hang Hang pictures with out having to guess where to put the nails or whether it's even $5.00215. Vintage Straight-line Chalk Line Reel refills folding arm to easily wind up $29.99

13. Stanley FatMax Chalk Line Reel 100' 3:1 Gear Ratio $5.00

14. Mastercraft Jigsaw 3.2A motor contoured 2 finger trigger switch Plexiglass blade guard/chip deflector tilting shoe for bevel cuts 6 speeds up to a "max" - 800-3000 SPM 120V Lock-on button for continuous operation universal vacuum adapter to catch any debris Comes in box with instructional manual $65.00

15. Hitachi DS 14DVF Cordless Driver Drill I have 3 chargers and only 1 seems to work.....could just be I don't know what I'm doing. I also have 3 batteries. $45.00

16. NEW - High Performance Zoom Headlight - speed focus - bright as a spotlight -head swivels 90 degrees - batteries included I have 15 NEW sets - $8.00 each

17. 3 x Car steering Wheel locks with keys - $5.00 each

****As I can only post 3 photo's please email back with the item you are interested in and I can send you more.

****If there is something you are looking for and it isn't posted, IE bits, hammers,hand held screwdrivers etc. please let me know as I have lots!

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